Chelsea FC’s Indian Blues: Lalchhungi Chhangte

For 85-year-old Laichhungi Chhangte, a Mizo Blue, Chelsea FC was more than just a club. Chelsea FC was an emotion. Here’s a tribute to one of our oldest Indian Blues.

At an age when you meet many restrictions, Mrs. Lalchhungi Chhangte never let anything disturb her devotion towards the club. Since 2007, Chelsea was a part of her life and there was no looking back.

Even at her age, Mrs. Chhangte would stay up past midnight to watch her favorite stars, Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba. “After Frank Lampard’s injury in 2010-11, she was worried sick and would pray everyday for his recovery,” C Lalmuanpuii, her daughter, told us. “She would often sneak up late at night, always making up different excuses to go to the living room and be in front of our television set, so that she could watch Frank Lampard, Didier Drogba and the whole Chelsea team play.”

Every member of the Chhangte household is now a registered member of Mizo Chelsea Supporters Club, the registered Chelsea FC fan club from the state, thanks to her. Talking about her infectious fandom, Mizo Chelsea Supporters Club’s general secretary, Lalfingfela, said, “Her passion for Chelsea inspired us a lot. And we consider this as the best contribution to our club.”

“When she was ill, we visited her and presented her a Chelsea flag as a token of our appreciation,” Mizo Chelsea Supporters Club’s honorary secretary, Jonathan Lalremruata, added. “That moment was really special for all of us at the club. As the eldest member of MCSC, she was treasured by all Mizo Chelsea fans. Her love and passion for Chelsea was second to none. We miss her dearly.”

The 85-year old Blue recently passed away, but she lives on in the hearts and memories of all of us at the club.

Rest In Peace Mrs. Lalchhungi Chhangte.