India's Chelsea Heroes: Didier Drogba

A massive fan favourite for Chelsea fans in India, we asked some of you for your memories of Didier Drogba to mark 16 years since the Ivorian first signed for Chelsea!

Adarsh, Mumbai

Didier Drogba was always Mr. Dependable for me when it came to scoring goals in the most challenging situations. He helped Chelsea escape disappointment multiple times, by turning up for the Blues in crucial moments. Another aspect of Didier Drogba that I admire a lot is the kind of change he brought about at a national level, back in Ivory Coast. An all-round inspiration!

Mohith, Mumbai

Scoring in 10 major finals is no small feat, but Didier Drogba made it seem like a piece of cake! He was destined for success throughout his career. His leadership skills were excellent and he was always passionate to don Chelsea’s colors. Whenever we needed a goal we always had faith in Didier Drogba, We are so grateful that we got to watch arguably one of Chelsea’s all-time greats to play for the club.

Philarima, Shillong

During his prime, Didier Drogba was a rare breed. He had power, technique, a fine touch and an explosive passion that won the hearts of many. He was a complete player with a flair to score in crucial games. Not many strikers inspired such fear in the opposition like Didier Drogba did. He frustrated them while creating space and linking up with Frank Lampard perfectly. He is, as Martin Tyler said, 'immortal at this football club'.

Shashwat, Jaipur

For me, Didier Drogba will always be Chelsea’s greatest ever player. It was in the early days of me being a Chelsea fan, when he scored that screamer against Everton at Goodison Park, which was one of the greatest goals I had ever seen. Whenever it mattered the most, Didier Drogba always scored for us. He was arguably the best player in cup finals for Chelsea. Whenever he stepped onto the pitch, we knew something special was bound to happen. He scored one of the most surreal headers in the 2012 Champions League final and when he converted that penalty to deliver us our holy grail, tears started streaming down my face. I can’t thank Didier Drogba enough for what he’s done for the club and its fans.

Aman, Jaipur

Didier Drogba is the best target man in Chelsea’s history and it’s not even a debate. His goal in the 2012 FA Cup semi-final against Spurs is evidence of the skill the man possesses. Words can’t describe his contributions to this club. A perfect striker for Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea in his first spell, a title winner under Carlo Ancelotti and a Champions League winner under Roberto Di Matteo. This goes on to show how he could adapt under different managers and in different systems, which is a hallmark of any world class player. His exploits against Arsenal were always amazing to watch as well! All of that and more was possible because we had Drogba upfront, terrorizing defences wilfully.