Fan Opinions: Favourite Frank Lampard Chelsea Goals

We asked some Indian Blues which of Frank Lampard’s club record 211 goals were their favourite and here are their picks. 

Adarsh, Navi Mumbai 

It's no surprise that I'm a big Frank Lampard fan and admirer, so for me to pick just one out of the 211 goals is almost impossible. There was always something special about most of his goals, if not all. However, if I dig deeper, there is one goal that stands out, a goal that's not just demonstrative of his footballing skills, but also his composure as a person, in the 2007-08 Champions League semi-final.

We were facing Liverpool and we were looking for that ray of hope to make it to the Champions League final. That's when Frank stepped up, slotting a penalty home. For him to do that while still recovering from his mother passing away was something really commendable, clearly reflecting the strength and composure that he has always had. 

Yasaswy, Hyderabad

Frank Lampard has been incredible for the Blues. It’s amazing to see the number of goals he’s scored at such a high level – Champions League, Premier League – and the hunger. It’s incredible, season after season to do what he’s done. A true Chelsea legend on and off the pitch. My favourite Lampard goal would be the winning goal he scored against Everton in the 2008-09 FA Cup Final.

Rishi, Hyderabad

Looking at statistics, there’s no question about the kind of legend Frank Lampard is. His legacy goes beyond just stats, his passion for the club is unmatched. My favourite Lampard goal would be the Champions League semi-final goal he scored against Liverpool in 2008. Composing yourself and scoring a crucial penalty within days of losing your mother just shows the maturity and class of the man.

Vaibhav, Hyderabad

Frank Lampard embodies the club. The drive, the desire, the application to always improve is just superb. He is the only midfielder to have more than 150 Premier League goals and more than 100 Premier League assists, but Lampard is more than his stats. He's an example of what hard work can do for a professional. His record makes it so hard to pick just one favourite goal! Whether it be a brace against Bolton, four goals against Aston Villa, his emotional penalty against Liverpool or that goal against Barcelona, there's class oozing out of each one of them. However, if I had to pick just one, I'd pick the goal against Barcelona from an almost impossible angle.

Tom, Kochi

If you're looking for a midfielder who can score, assist and lead the team from the front, there was nobody like Frank Lampard. My favourite Lampard goal was his thunderous free-kick against Hull City in the opener of the 2013/14 season at Stamford Bridge. Lampard had missed a penalty in the opening minutes and was continuously being taunted by the fans from the away end. The free-kick he then scored epitomised his never-say-die attitude. A typical Lampard free-kick from at least 40 yards out. Powerful, dipping, moving in the air and just out of reach of the goalkeeper.