India's Chelsea Heroes: Joe Cole

Celebrating 17 years since Joe Cole first signed for us, here are a few Indian Blues talking about another one of their favorite Chelsea heroes!

Keshav, New Delhi

Joe Cole’s flamboyant dribbling, pace and trickery on the wing created headaches for defenders back in the day. Just ask Manchester United, whose defense couldn't keep up with the skills of our three-time Premier League winner. His mesmerizing solo title-winning goal with his back to the goal left a puzzled look on Sir Alex Ferguson's face! His legendary status as a Blue continues to inspire footballers and fans alike!

Anurag, New Delhi

Joe Cole was the most gifted England player of the last two decades. He had everything in his game - creativity, flair, vision, technicality and a lot more. My best memory of Joe Cole was his goal against Manchester United in 2006, as he dribbled past their defence to put the ball beyond Van Der Sar and into the net, which effectively won us our second consecutive title.One of the most celebrated talents to play for England, Joe Cole gave us fond memories and multiple titles throughout his Chelsea career.

Adarsh, Navi Mumbai

Joe Cole was one of those players who had a significant impact on team performance, constantly delivering results, yet not receiving as much appreciation as he should. One of the things I liked most about Joe Cole was his work-rate and his support in the midfield, irrespective of the circumstances. The fact that he could score goals with either foot was the cherry on top! There was another aspect about Joe Cole that I fell in love with, and what I still admire about him - the trademark Joe Cole solo run, followed by a thunderous goal. One goal I clearly remember, even now, is the one he scored against Manchester United, a solo run yet again, that secured the 2005-06 Premier League title for us.

Omkar, Kolhapur

Joe Cole was a natural dribbler and filled that gaping void created by Gianfranco Zola's departure. The fact that he could immediately switch positions and still perform so well is enough evidence of his professionalism. Along with his dribbling skills, his pace and ball control were also a joy to watch. It was a sad day when he left the club, but even after leaving, he still loves the club, just as all of us Chelsea fans do. He also played a crucial role in getting us Eden Hazard, who eventually turned out to be arguably the best player in the Premier League while he was a Blue. 

Soham, Thane

Joe Cole was probably one of the best players we had in the team. He didn't score too many goals for us, but when he did score, he made them count. One of the best number 10s we have had don the Chelsea jersey. One aspect I really admire about Joe Cole was that he had a unique, never-give-up attitude. In spite of being surrounded by big names, his work rate, passion and desire for Chelsea never took a hit. He kept performing at his best throughout his time as a Blue.