Indian Blues’ Young Player of the Season

Here are your picks for Young Player of the Season! Don’t forget to vote for your pick below.

Sohan, Hyderabad

My Young Player of the Season for Chelsea has to be Mason Mount, no questions about that! As a Chelsea fan, it feels so good to see someone from the academy come up the ranks and perform so well. Another reason why I feel he deserves to get this accolade is because, in spite of this being his first Premier League season in the main team, he was top-class in everything he did, be it scoring goals, or creating chances. If I have to pick one favorite moment from Mount’s first season at Chelsea, it has to be his freekick against Wolves.

Mihir, Mumbai

For me, Christian Pulisic has to be our Young Player of the Season. He came out of nowhere, and filled that void we had for a good winger. If I remember correctly, Pulisic faced a lot of criticism initially but he soon proved them everyone wrong. Every match he was a part of, he performed as if it was like an audition for the next fixture, and made it through. Talking about some of my favorite performances of Pulisic, I really liked his Premier League hat-trick against Burnley and his solo run and goal against Manchester City. 

Shreya, Kolkata

Callum Hudson-Odoi is my Young Player of the Season. As a young winger, he demonstrated his skills to create chances and score goals really well. The way he assisted Tammy's goal against Southampton was one of my most favorite memories of Callum Hudson-Odoi this season. It was really sad that he had to fight through injuries, but I’m very confident he will get better with time, and go on to be the next big thing for Chelsea.

Sunil, Navi Mumbai

For me Tammy Abraham was Chelsea’s Young Player of The Season for the 2019-20 season. If you asked me at the start of the season, I wouldn’t have imagined that such a he would lead us so well from the front. However, he did just that, and in such sublime fashion. Also, it’s not always that you see a player scoring a hat-trick in his debut season in the Premier League, and at such a young age. 

Janak, Thane

Looking at how competitive the Premier League is, and the number of players who give it a shot in the league, Mason Mount really stood out for me. That is why he is my Young Player of the Season. Even though the 2019-20 season was his debut season in the Premier League, he was consistently praised by managers, pundits and fans all across the world. He’s an extremely skilled and talented footballer, who put in a lot of good performances this season.