Indian Blues Chelsea Heroes: Christian Pulisic

With Christian Pulisic turning 22 today we asked some Indian Blues to share their thoughts on our very own Captain America!

Rishiraj, Kolkata

I love how Christian Pulisic has become such an important member of the Chelsea squad already. His different style of play, pace and directness provide something completely different to the team. My favorite Pulisic moment is undoubtedly his goal against Manchester City. 

Aniruddha, Mumbai

Christian Pulisic is a player who can win you games from any situation. His goals, assists and ability to link up with others are going to be a huge part of our team for years to come. In fact, he is also someone who I could see being a potential captain for Chelsea in the future! My favorite Pulisic moment has to be his run and finish against Manchester City last season.

Souptik, Kolkata

It is not often that you see a footballer play an important role in their first season, but Christian Pulisic did just that. My favorite Christian Pulisic memory so far has to be the goal he scored against Liverpool at Anfield!

Jyoti, Patna 

Christian Pulisic took some time to adapt to the Premier League, and given the physicality of the Premier League, that was no great surprise. However, ever since the restart, he has been our best player. There were numerous occasions at the end of last season where he single-handedly changed the complexion of our games. My favorite Christian Pulisic goal has to be the one he scored against Liverpool at Anfield.

Ranjith, Mangalore

I love how Pulisic introduced himself to the Premier League last season. His dribbling is sensational, and at the same time he offers a lot of width and creativity to our side. He has this tendency of drawing in the opposition defenders and by doing so creating space for his teammates. My favorite Pulisic goal is the one he scored against Manchester City at Stamford Bridge. It was the perfect example of how calm and composed he is as a footballer.