Founders Feature: Mizoram

The Mizo Chelsea Supporters’ Club have come a long way since they began, becoming an integral part of their close knit community!

Meet Jonathan, the Honorary Secretary of Mizo Chelsea Supporters' Club, an official Chelsea Supporters club, representing Indian Blues from one of the seven sisters of India - Mizoram.

Jonathan spoke to us about how Mizo Chelsea Supporters Club got started, and the integral role Facebook played in that. “The popularity of Facebook was the stepping stone to starting off this journey.”

“As Facebook became more and more accessible to people, multiple groups sprang up on the platform, each representing a small group of Chelsea fans from Mizoram and surrounding regions. It was then that some of us came up with the idea of uniting these fan groups under one common umbrella. That’s how the Mizo Chelsea Supporters’ Club began.” 

However, making this happen wasn’t as easy as it seems.

“It took us almost a year to finally reach a consensus on uniting the fan clubs under one umbrella. There was some resistance from fans, asking us why there was a need for a single fan club. We realized that defining the objective was very important, so everyone could be on the same page. That’s when we decided the fan club should make a point of doing good within our community, all in the name of Chelsea.” 

“The first thing we decided to organize was a blood donation drive every time Chelsea won a trophy! Then we started doing charity work during the Christmas season, when everyone would be back home, spending time with their closed ones. And most recently we have been involved in a number of CSR activities, which has included supporting our frontline workers during COVID-19.”

He also mentions how the support from the club has been something he values a lot.

“I remember us asking Chelsea to help us promote one of the charities we organized a couple of years ago during Christmas. The club was extremely supportive and had Ross Barkley shoot a promotional video for our charity event. That video helped us generate three times the usual turnout, with a number of newspapers even coming along to cover it! 

Jonathan also spoke about the large amount of female fans the fan club has as members.

We have a lot of girls and women as Chelsea fans here. In fact, that’s how we’ve all grown up in Mizoram. There is hardly any differentiation between boys and girls and there is a strong sense of equality within our society. So naturally, the football culture flows along the same lines.”

When asked about what the future holds for Mizo Chelsea Supporters’ Club, Jonathan is looking forward to doing even more for the community.

“We all love and support Chelsea in our own ways. Some fans collect jerseys, some watch all matches without fail, some fans host screenings, and so on. For us, we have always wanted to go beyond just screenings and fanfare. At Mizo Chelsea Supporters’ Club, it’s all about doing good in the name of Chelsea. We intend to keep following that path, doing more and more for the community, and keeping the Blue Flag Flying High.”