Chelsea Ke Superfans EP. 5 Shray Rai Tiwari

Arjun Kapoor caught up with Indian actor and swimmer, Shray Rai Tiwari, on Episode 5 of Chelsea Ke Superfans - an exclusive show for Indian Blues.

Chelsea Ke Superfans is a monthly show produced exclusively for Indian Blues featuring Arjun Kapoor as the host. In each episode, Arjun interviews a prominent personality from India who is an ardent fan of the club as they discuss all things Chelsea.

In Episode 5, Arjun speaks with Shray Rai Tiwari, an actor, director and swimmer from India. As well as several television commercials, he has also appeared in films like ‘Guilty’ and ‘Shab’, sharing the screen with Hrithik Roshan, Kiara Advani and many more.

Shray’s first encounter with Chelsea took place in 2006, when he came across a Hindi newspaper headline which read, ‘'Andriy Shevchenko has joined Chelsea'. He was immediately intrigued by the fact that international news related to a football club was covered by a local newspaper.

For Shray, 2012 was the year that changed his support for the club entirely. That was the year we reached the final of the UEFA Champions League and defeated Bayern Munich to lift the coveted trophy for the very first time.

On the day of the final, Shray found himself outnumbered - one against five - amongst his cousins, who were supporting Bayern. They teased him throughout the game but it was Shray who had the last laugh!

In episode 5, when Shray was asked who his favourite player in the last decade was, he was quick to name a star striker.

‘Diego Costa, because he would put his body on the line for the team,' he replied.

‘He was also really funny!’

Arjun then asked Shray to name three players who, in his opinion, have contributed the most to the club's recent success.

‘Andreas Christensen for sure, because he is comfortable on the ball and can directly replace Thiago Silva.

'Mateo Kovacic, who is underrated, is my second pick.

‘My third pick would be Cesar Azpilicueta.’

You can watch the full episode now to find out more about Shray’s love for Chelsea, his journey as a fan and his admiration for Thomas Tuchel. Don’t forget to follow our Facebook page for more Chelsea Ke Superfans episodes, out every month!