Certified Chelsea | Jorginho’s Message For Indian Blues

In episode two of Certified Chelsea, Jorginho reveals who the funniest player in the dressing room is and sends a message to our Indian Blues.

Certified Chelsea is a monthly show produced exclusively for Indian Blues on Star Sports & Hotstar, featuring Anant Tyagi as the host. In each episode, Anant interviews members of a supporters’ club and a first-team player to uncover unique stories about all things Chelsea.

In the segment ‘Certified Chelsea Chats’, Shannon, a fan from Goa, sent in a question asking Jorginho who his role model was growing up. 

‘When I was little, it was Ronaldo and Ronaldinho. They were up there.’ 

As the conversation continued, another Indian Blue, Jonathan, asked Jorginho who the funniest player in the dressing room was. The Italian burst into laughter as he gave us an interesting answer.

‘Jonathan, it would have to be me!

‘Apart from myself, I’d say Emerson Palmieri, because he’s always messing around!’

As the thoroughly enjoyable conversation neared its end, Jorginho left a message for our Indian Blues before he bid adieu.

‘I want to thank all of you because we need your support and we feel that. 

‘Keep supporting us. We appreciate it.’

You can watch this video now to see how it all unfolded on Certified Chelsea, and make sure to follow our Facebook page for announcements about the release of our new episodes, out every month!