Certified Chelsea | Mason Mount’s Heartfelt Message For Indian Blues

In episode 9 of Certified Chelsea, Mason Mount shares his views on the Indian Cricket team and sends a message to our Indian fans!

Certified Chelsea is a monthly show produced exclusively for Indian Blues on Star Sports & Hotstar, featuring Anant Tyagi as the host. In each episode, Anant interviews members of a Supporters’ Club and a first team player to uncover unique stories about all things Chelsea.

In the segment ‘Certified Chelsea Chats’, Arjun Kapoor, who hosts Chelsea Ke Superfans, joined Anant in interviewing Mason Mount to make this an even more special episode.

Having been aware of Mason’s interest in English cricket, Arjun took the opportunity to find out his views on the Indian cricket team.

‘I like the Indian cricket team. Whenever I have time, I watch highlights. 

‘India has good, young cricketers coming through - Shubman Gill, Washington Sundar; two exciting players.'

As the conversation continued, Mason revealed that he and his family used to visit Indian restaurants once every two weeks back when he was in Portsmouth, leaving Arjun and Anant with smiles on their faces.

Before signing off, Mason sent a heartfelt message to our Indian Blues thanking them for their support.

‘Thank you. It means so much, especially during this difficult time.

‘Stay strong, we will get through it and I hope to see them back at the Bridge.’

You can watch this video now to see how it all unfolded on Certified Chelsea, and make sure to follow our Facebook page for announcements about the release of our new episodes, out every month!