Certified Chelsea | Mason Mount’s Top 5 Goals

In the latest episode of Certified Chelsea, Arjun Kapoor and Anant Tyagi took us through their favourite Mason Mount goals!

Certified Chelsea is a monthly show produced exclusively for Indian Blues on Star Sports & Hotstar, featuring Anant Tyagi as the host. In each episode, Anant interviews members of a Supporters’ Club and a player to uncover unique stories about all things Chelsea. 

As they looked back on a successful season, Anant and Arjun picked their top five Mason Mount goals in his last two years at the club.

#1 Debut Goal vs Leicester City (2019/20)

As he watched the highlights of the game on Certified Chelsea, Arjun credited Mason for his aggressive pressing during the game and always believed that there were only good things to come for the debutant after that performance.

‘This boy seemed ready from that day. He is a pressing footballer; a new kind of footballer. 

‘He can convert a half-chance into a full goal.’

#2 Volley vs Aston Villa (2019/20) 

Arjun was in awe of Mason’s ability to recognise opportunities to provide assists during games as he highlighted in this particular fixture against Aston Villa.

‘The technique that the boy has is reminiscent of Frank Lampard. 

‘There is nobody else you would rather have in that position to strike that than Mason Mount.’ 

#3 Free-Kick v Wolves (2019/20) 

As the conversation continued, Anant stated that Mason’s stunning free-kick against Wolves was the moment the midfielder had won the hearts of all the supporters watching.

‘I remember him scoring against Wolves. Patricio was in goal.

‘I think that was the moment he became a fan favourite.’

You can watch this video now to see how it all unfolded on Certified Chelsea and to find out the two remaining goals Anant and Arjun spoke about. 

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