Memory Lane: Christian Pulisic Is Reunited With His Dog for Christmas

The holidays are a time to reflect on fond memories, and there might not be a more wholesome Christmas story than this one from 2017.

While he still played for Borussia Dortmund, a 19-year old Christian Pulisic was in Washington DC for the holidays. Missing his dog, Timone, who was back home in Hershey, PA, Pulisic took to Twitter to remedy his sadness.

He took a shot on a fan making the four-hour round-trip drive to reunite a boy and his best friend.

Luckily, Tristian Gilliland-Kunkle stepped up to the plate and made Pulisic’s wish come true. Gilliland-Kunkle arranged the pickup in Hershey before starting the trek to Washington DC, tweeting updates along the way.

Upon arriving, a grateful Pulisic took photos with the pup, Gilliland-Kunkle, his girlfriend Miheala and Pulisic’s sister. 

The good deed did not go unnoticed, making waves around the football world and warming the hearts of American fans during the holiday season.

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