Celebrity Spotlight: Kendrick Nunn

With the ever-growing support for Chelsea in the US, it should come as no surprise that more and more high profile athletes, musicians, movie stars and the like are flying the blue flag. 

In this on-going series, we’ll be highlighting some of the Chelsea fans you might see on your TV screens week in and week out across America, taking a look at how they became Blues and what makes them special. 

This week, the focus of our spotlight is none other than Miami Heat star Kendrick Nunn. 

An unlikely star, Nunn was an undrafted free agent out of Oakland University and the University of Illinois. The 24-year old guard signed with the Golden State Warriors in 2018, but was allocated to the organization’s developmental team for the majority of the season. In April of 2019, on the final day of the season, Nunn signed with the Miami Heat. 

In his rookie season in the NBA, Nunn has become a bonafide star. The Chicago-native is the second-leading scorer on the Heat - who are among the favourites to win the NBA title - while he’s becoming one of the top candidates for the prestigious Rookie of the Year award. 

Nunn’s path to becoming a Chelsea fan took an interesting route, as well. 

“I got into it just playing FIFA,” Nunn told our official podcast, Chelsea Mike’d Up

“In my off-time I just play on the XBOX One and I became a fan because Chelsea was always the team I picked. As I became a fan of them, whenever I can, I watch them.”

Nunn’s fandom was never more evident than in December, when he sent a video message to fans supporting the club at NBC’s fan-fest in Miami, FL while sporting a Chelsea shirt. 

Wondering who makes the shortlist for one of Nunn’s favourite players? His fellow countrymen, of course.

“Being an American and seeing [Christian Pulisic] play for Chelsea just gets me excited,” he said. 

Want to hear more from Nunn himself? Check out his interview on Chelsea Mike’d Up here


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