Books You Can Read While Stuck At Home

With Blues fans around the globe stuck at home and football postponed, there’s no better time than to catch up on your Chelsea reading.

We’ve put together a list of books about Chelsea, written by Chelsea players and coaches, or just books about the beautiful game for your reading pleasure while you find yourself in isolation.

Chelsea FC: The Official Biography (2006)

Author: Rick Glanvill

Summary: Chelsea FC: The Official Biography goes to the heart of what gives the club its personality, straight from club historian Rick Glanvill. The author has access to all the key characters, including Jose Mourinho, Roman Abramovich, star players, and legendary names of the past.

Chelsea Football Club: The Official History in Pictures (2007)

Author: Rick Glanvill

Summary: The history of Chelsea features glamour, high and low fashion, huge excitement on the pitch and terrible disappointments. While in ‘Official Biography’ Rick Glanvill brought the century of the UK's highest-profile club to life in words, In this pictorial history, he has searched the never-before-made-public club archives to show the breadth of the club's 100 years in photographs.

Totally Frank: My Autobiography (2006)

Author: Frank Lampard

Summary: Written during his stint as a Chelsea player, our manager charts his life story from childhood to young West Ham apprentice to multi-millionaire world footballing celebrity and lynchpin of the national team, including a full account of our title-winning 2005/06 season and the 2006 World Cup Finals in Germany.

Masters of Modern Soccer (2018)

Author: Grant Wahl

Summary: In Masters of Modern Soccer, Sports Illustrated writer Grant Wahl asks: How do some of the game's smartest figures master the craft of soccer? By profiling players in every key position (American phenomenon Christian Pulisic, Mexican superstar Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernández, Belgium's Vincent Kompany, Spain's Xabi Alonso, Germany's Manuel Neuer) and management (Belgium coach Roberto Martínez and Borussia Dortmund sporting director Michael Zorc), Wahl reveals how elite players and coaches strategize on and off the field and execute in high-pressure game situations.

JT: Captain, Leader, Legend: The Biography of John Terry (2010)

Author: Oliver Derbyshire

Summary: This is an insightful look into John Terry's astronomic rise in profile and how the football-mad youngster made it to become one of the fans' favorite heroes in the modern game. A footballing legend and Chelsea hero, Terry graduated from Chelsea youth academy to become an international star. His imposing strength, natural skill, and bulldog spirit made him the backbone of both Chelsea and England's staunch defenses

The Language of the Game: How to Understand Soccer (2018)

Author: Laurent Dubois

Summary: Soccer is not only the world's most popular sport; it's also one of the most widely shared forms of global culture. The Language of the Game is a passionate and engaging introduction to soccer's history, tactics, and human drama. Profiling soccer's full cast of characters -- goalies and position players, referees and managers, commentators and fans -- historian and soccer scholar Laurent Dubois describes how the game's low scores, relentless motion, and spectacular individual performances combine to turn each match into a unique and unpredictable story.

The Kings of King’s Road: The Great Chelsea Team of the 60s and 70s (2015)

Author: Clive Batty

Summary: With their long hair and sideburns they fired Chelsea to FA Cup and European Cup Winners' Cup glory on the pitch, and swaggered up and down the King's Road off it, this is a tale of the great Chelsea team of the 60s and early 70s and their incredible lifestyle - in their own words.

Chelsea: 20 Defining Matches (2012)

Author: The Guardian

Summary: This colourful collection covers 20 matches that defined Chelsea's history, from 1935 to 2012. This is the stuff that every fan should know.

Commitment: My Autobiography (2016)

Author: Didier Drogba

Summary: In Didier Drogba's honest and revealing autobiography he will talk about life as an immigrant in Paris, the importance of his education and how finding success later than most professional footballers has kept him grounded.

Soccernomics (2014)

Author: Simon Kuper

Summary: Soccernomics pioneers a new way of looking at soccer through meticulous, empirical analysis and incisive, witty commentary.

Ossie: King of Stamford Bridge (2003)

Author: Peter Osgood

Summary: In a 16-year career spent with Chelsea and Southampton, Peter Osgood made 560 appearances, scoring 220 goals and winning two FA Cup winners medals. Ossie tells the story of the career and the extraordinary rollercoaster life of the man who spearheaded a team that made as many headlines off the field as on.

Dennis Wise: The Autobiography

Author: Dennis Wise (2000)

Summary: In this autobiography, Dennis Wise tells all about the Crazy Gang days and his time at Chelsea. He also includes inside stories, and Wise's own frank views on key football figures such as Vinnie Jones, Glenn Hoddle, Terry Venables, and Paul Gascoigne.

What We Think About When We Think About Soccer

Author: Simon Critchley

Summary: Soccer is the world’s most popular sport, inspiring the absolute devotion of countless fans around the globe. But what is it about soccer that makes it so compelling to watch, discuss, and think about? Is it what it says about class, race, or gender? Is it our national, regional, or tribal identities? Simon Critchley thinks it’s all of these and more. In his new book, he explains what soccer can tell us about each, and how each informs the way we interpret the game, all while building a new system of aesthetics, or even poetics, that we can use to watch the beautiful game.