The Famous Chelsea FC: Matthew McConaughey

We earned the moniker, ‘The Famous CFC.’ The same goes for the Chelsea faithful.

In this series, we document some of the athletes, movie stars, musical artists and well-known celebrities who help make up the Chelsea fan-base.

Today, we look back on Matthew McConaughey’s surprise visit to Stamford Bridge this season.

McConaughey is known as one of the top actors in the world, having won an Academy Award for his leading role in ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ in addition to his heralded roles in films like ‘Interstellar,’ ‘Mud,’ and the HBO series ‘True Detective.’

Although he can be frequently spotted on the sidelines at the University of Texas’ sporting events, a new type of football has piqued his interest lately.

McConaughey brought his southern charm to Stamford Bridge for the first time ever this season when we defeated Lille in the Champions League 2-1. He took the time to talk about his interest in the sport, Chelsea, and American star Christian Pulisic.

'I quite enjoyed it, man. The stakes were high,' McConaughey said after the final whistle.

McConaughey is a co-owner of one of Major League Soccer’s newest teams, Austin FC. The Austin-native sees himself and his kids as part of a new wave of football fandom in America.

'My job takes us all over. And what’s the one game you can play everywhere in the word? The soccer ball is the invitation.'

'[The Premier League] is sneakily big,' he said of the sport’s popularity in the states.

But one league player in particular is catching his eye, and the eyes of his fellow citizens: Christian Pulisic. McConaughey said our American forward is the new standard of player in the country.

'As far as Americans at that level, he’d be the top one at that level,' he said. 'It's good to see Pulisic out there and hopefully he keeps it up and hopefully more Americans can get up to his level.'

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