Junior Blues: At-Home Activities for Young Chelsea Fans & Families

Holidays. Rainy days. Weekend free-time. Knowing many of our U.S. Chelsea supporters are also parents, here are a few activity ideas to help keep the biggest little Chelsea fans in your home active, learning and having fun.

Spark Creativity

Football players, managers and staff often use their creativity to create plays, keep the team motivated and make the game exciting. Foster creativity in your mini fans and tap into your own creative side with these indoor and outdoor family art projects.

  • Coloring books are an easy way to create pieces of art. Print out free downloads from Crayola if you need them in a pinch.
  • Paint outside! Tape large sheets of butcher-block paper or pieces of cardboard to a wall, fence, tree or garage door. Tape the canvases low for your child’s height, and protect your patio or driveway by spreading an old sheet or towel underneath. Finally, make sure to use washable paint for easy cleanup.
  • Sidewalk chalk is easy to clean off clothes. Challenge your kids to draw the face of their favorite Chelsea player for amusing results (Parents, share them with us on social!). Play hopscotch or tic-tac-toe. Write a sweet message for neighbors to see and brighten their day. Enjoy hours of creative fun. 

Outdoor Games

Our team trains, practices and plays in the great outdoors. Encourage your kids to do the same. To burn off some extra energy, rain or shine, here are some outdoor activities for kids that love to stay active.

  • Play freeze tag.
  • Learn new football skills. Practice dribbling with the Junior Blues.
  • Soccer camp! Show your little Chelsea FC fan how to train at home like a football pro.
  • Hold an epic puddle-jumping contest – biggest splash wins. (Perfect for rainy days!)
  • Create an obstacle course. Who can complete it the fastest?
  • Have a backyard scavenger hunt.
  • Try parent vs. kid challenges. We’re rooting for the short one in the penalty shoot-out challenge

Indoor Activities

Sometimes, we all have to practice indoors – yes, even Billy Gilmour. However, having a child full of life and energy run around the house isn’t always ideal. Try some of the following ideas for active kids when staying indoors is a must.

  • Play Simon Says. Get them moving and laughing – use the whole house. The sillier the better.
  • Build the ultimate blanket fort with a high “ceiling” (stepstools and chairs help keep blankets up higher), pillows, a lamp, snacks and more. Forts are great for dreaming, reading and camping out under the “stars.”
  • Host a dance party. Check out how Tammy Abraham uses music to motivate and focus himself.
  • Take the Chelsea FC stay-at-home challenge. Do you have soccer moves like these?
  • Cook together. In addition to promoting a healthy diet, cooking is a great opportunity to teach kids math, time, creativity, counting and colors.
  • Get their help with chores. While this definitely benefits parents, kids love to help you and spend time together. Ask for their help with sorting socks by color, sweeping under the table or cleaning up the breakfast dishes. Now is always the perfect time to learn an essential life skill and self-discipline. 

Reading and Writing

We all love a good story, including some familiar faces around the club. Get those imaginations going with age-appropriate reading and writing activities.

  • Create bonding time with your little ones when you snuggle up and read a book. We recommend a Chelsea favorite, the children’s book series “Frankie’s Magic Soccer Ball” by Frank Lampard.
  • Encourage them to read on their own. Pile blankets and pillows in their closet to create a private, comfy reading nook that’s perfect for active imaginations.
  • Have them write and illustrate a comic book.
  • Suggest that they write letters to friends, loved ones or their top Chelsea players.
  • Try audiobooks for those who balk at reading.
  • Watch this hilarious video of Ruben Loftus-Cheek, Olivier Giroud, Christian Pulisic, Callum Hudson-Odoi and Billy Gilmour as they try to read children's books without laughing. 

Brain Boosters

Brains are just as important as brawn on the pitch. Keep their minds as active as they are with science experiments, nature walks, brain breaks and more.

  • Science experiments for kids are educational — and sometimes messy — ways to keep your little ones engaged. Check out Science Kids for experiment ideas.
  • Nature walks help us all get exercise while exploring the world around us. Visit National Geographic Kids for activities and more info about animals you could run into on your adventures.
  • Learn at home with the Chelsea FC Foundation’s downloadable challenges and fun tasks created for Junior Blues.
  • Try active screen time. Search for apps or games that help children track their exercise, count steps and practice skills and drills from their favorite sports. 

When you’re at home with energetic, Chelsea-football-loving kids, we hope this list comes in handy to fight boredom and find fun at home. Parents, share your kids’ top activities and new family favorites with @ChelseaFCinUSA on Twitter, and use the hashtag #JuniorBlues.


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