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Download The 5th Stand – Chelsea’s official app to get unrivalled access to all things Chelsea. Join us to watch all of our videos for free, check in and show your support and connect with fellow fans from around the world. You can follow every kick of every game while on the move, with match centre notifications keeping you updated with all the action on the pitch.

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Be the first to get breaking news including official interviews with Frank Lampard and the players. It all happens one place: Follow – one newsfeed for everything Chelsea. Notifications keep you up to date with official news direct to your phone. 

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An exclusive video library on the 5th stand app ranging from classic match action to in-depth interviews to a glut of goals. Open the app and go to the Watch section to find all our box sets.

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The Match Centre is packed with live match updates, line ups, analysis and live audio commentary for every game in the Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup and more. Feel closer to the club by checking in and chatting to other Chelsea fans during the game!

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