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Quote Unquote: 11 decades of Chelsea

Today we celebrate Chelsea Football Club's 110th anniversary.

We have come a long way since our foundation above the Rising Sun pub, opposite Stamford Bridge, on 10 March 1905.

To celebrate we will be looking back at what the club meant, and continues to mean, to some of its most celebrated representatives...


312 appearances, 80 goals

‘It was absolutely unbelievable, such a wonderful thing. I never imagined it could be like this when I signed. Chelsea fans never forget the past and the players who have been important to this football club. To players like myself, it makes us feel so good.’


123 appearances, 2 goals

‘I just love this club. There’s such a buzz when you come here. I feel so privileged.’


445 appearances, 76 goals

‘I had 11 wonderful years here. I’ll always class this as my home. I loved it and I’m sorry I had to leave.’


Manager 1952-1961

‘Chelsea are the greatest club I’ve known. The people here have taken it on the chin for 50 years and always come up smiling. That takes some doing.’


103 appearances, 15 goals

‘I started training at Chelsea at the age of 19, and then I was given a three-year contract and that was it. I was a Chelsea boy. There was a time when it looked like I wouldn’t make it, but I never gave up.’


39 appearances, 1 goal
Player-Manager 1993-1995
Manager 1995-1996

'I arrived at Chelsea and in a long time I think, nothing had happened, so it was a big challenge. We had a real challenge, and we put a lot of things in that needed to be done and it's good to see the club grow and grow like it has done. I was very happy at Chelsea, and really it was only the England job that enticed me away. I have very good memories.'


334 appearances, 5 goals

'I have always appreciated the Chelsea fans, they've been amazing. They're always there to support the team week in, week out, which just shows how brilliant they are.

'It's been an amazing journey. I've enjoyed every bit of it. I've worked with some great people, great players from when I came to the ones that are here now. They've all been brilliant.’


102 games, 1 goal

‘I’ve always been a big Chelsea fan and have always followed their fortunes. Chelsea was the greatest club you could ever play for and I feel privileged to have played for and captained such a great club. To be captain of a club like Chelsea was probably the greatest job I ever had.’


410 games, 5 goals

‘Just pulling on the famous blue Chelsea jersey was a thrill indeed. I loved the club and I still love it. It was the most wonderful 16 years of my life.’


373 appearances, 163 goals
2004-2012 & 2014-present

‘When I joined the club, I came to play my part. I’m really happy to have been a part of Chelsea history.’ 

Stay tuned for part two later in the week, featuring quotes from Jose Mourinho, Frank Lampard and many more Blues...

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