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Fabregas: Planned to perfection

A midfield reshuffle was one of the reasons behind our success against Manchester United on Saturday, according to Cesc Fabregas.

The Spaniard moved forward from the central midfield role he has most often been used in this season, lining up against the Red Devils as part of the attacking trio behind Didier Drogba.

That allowed Kurt Zouma to come in alongside Nemanja Matic in the middle of the park, a decision Fabregas gave some more detail on.

‘We had to put someone on [Marouane] Fellaini, especially for the long balls, so yes our style changed,’ he noted. ‘I thought Zouma did extremely well.

‘I think his future is as a centre-back but he can do the job very well in central midfield when it’s needed. He played very well against Spurs in the final of the Capital One Cup, he played well against West Ham away and again this weekend. He’s a top, top boy. He wants to learn, he wants to play.

‘If I played there normally I would struggle a bit more to deal with long balls and the physical aspect of the game. That’s why Mourinho is who he is and has won what he has won. The plan worked very well.

‘It was a good performance and a good win. When you win it’s always a job well done, especially against Man United. We know we couldn’t afford to lose because they are behind us and we didn’t want to give them hope.’

Win our next two away games, against Arsenal and Leicester, and the Blues will be crowned champions in the East Midlands. Fabregas assessed that prospect, but first previewed our visit to north London on Sunday.

‘It’s massive. We are level on games now, we are 10 points in front and we don’t want to give them hope to put pressure on us. We have to put in a good performance because we know the Emirates is always a difficult place to go.

‘We just want to win it,’ stressed Fabregas turning his attention to the league title. ‘The sooner, the better.

‘We want to give satisfaction to the supporters. It’s been five years for them without winning the Premier League title; for me it’s been 27 years so I’d love to win it as soon as possible.’