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Update on consultation process

A year ago a study of the area from Fulham Broadway to Stamford Bridge and beyond was commissioned by Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich to examine the potential of upgrading the streetscape.

The study also began to assess the feasibility of an expansion of the stadium capacity within the existing historical site boundary, based on the principles of improving site access, benefiting the neighbourhood and enhancing the spectator experience.

Mr Abramovich has appointed a professional team to assess, in more detail, the feasibility of expanding the existing stadium capacity at Stamford Bridge Grounds.

The process now enters a further local consultation phase. This will include an explanation of the rationale for expansion, driven by spectator demand for more seats and the need to increase stadium revenue to remain competitive with our major rivals, this revenue being especially important under Financial Fair Play rules.

Technical solutions for stadium capacity expansion are being investigated initially.

This stage of the consultation will focus at present on discussing the rationale and technical solutions for expansion with residents and match-going spectators.

Local stakeholders, neighbours, season ticket holders and club members will be invited to comment on the potential expansion.

This feedback, which to date has assisted our progress in earlier stages, will continue to inform the next stage of the study.

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