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Mourinho: Working well

Jose Mourinho has praised his squad for the way they have trained this week, and outlined the determination within the group to improve.

It’s been a positive week for the Blues with the acquisitions of both Pedro and Baba Rahman, the arrival of the two new players strengthening us at both ends of the pitch.

Addressing the media ahead of Sunday’s trip to West Bromwich Albion, the Blues boss spoke about the good reaction to last weekend’s result against Manchester City.

‘We normally train very well but this week we trained better than ever,’ said Mourinho. ‘Why? Because we are not happy. I’m not happy with the results and the players are not happy with the results. We want to do better and there is only one way, which is to work well and better than ever, which we did this week.

'Do we have to improve? Obviously, always, but we are calm. Not happy but calm. We need to be unhappy because that feeling makes you work, but to be calm is important.

‘New players are always welcome so obviously I’m happy both of them have come to us. I know the Premier League doesn’t start tomorrow, it started two weeks ago, but people call it the transfer window and I sometimes call it the opportunity window. While the window is open there is always an opportunity.

'It's dangerous because every team can lose players at a moment when nobody wants to, but at the same time it’s an opportunity to get players until the last moment and this week we got a very good, young left-back that we needed, with potential we believe can be developed, and we got one of the best attacking players in the world, a player with lots of experience and with something I really like very much, which is the desire to leave a giant club, one of the best clubs in the world, a club that normally players don’t want to leave.

‘For a player like him, who is loved by the club and who loves the club, he wanted to leave because he wants something more for his career. That’s evidence of his ambition.’

Mourinho provided some squad news ahead of the weekend fixture.

'Moses is still injured and Oscar is still injured,' said the Portuguese. 'I don’t know if the new players are available for Sunday yet.'

He reported Thibaut Courtois, available again following his one-match suspension, will return to the starting line-up on Sunday.

'I’m so happy with Begovic’s performance (at Manchester City), he showed what we have, but we'll go back to Courtois.'