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The Skill Set: Loic Remy

Loic Remy is the latest member of the squad to answer questions related to football technique and skills, both as a youngster and since turning professional…


What age were you when you first started playing football?

I was around six or seven so quite early. I got into football because of one of my friends. I wasn’t interested in it because I always wanted to be a fireman, but he used to go training every Wednesday and then I started to go along with him and really enjoyed it. Since then I never stopped playing football because I love it.

At what age did you master keepy-uppies?

You start learning from quite an early age, probably around eight, but when you go to a club’s academy they show you how to do it properly so obviously you get better and better.

What skills did you work on most as a youngster?

The one I always tried to master was the step-over. Because I’m a striker you always want to destabilise the defender, so that’s a useful skill to learn.

What’s the best piece of skill you’ve done in a match?

There was one in the Champions League when I was playing for Marseille against Arsenal. I was in the penalty area and did a trick on Per Mertesacker which sent him the wrong way. I also enjoyed the goal I scored for QPR against Wigan when I hit it first time into the top corner.

Who is the most skilful player you have played against?

It would have to be Ronaldinho. I played against him in the Champions League when I was at Lyon, I was really young and at the time he was on fire for Barcelona. I had just started to play games regularly so it was amazing for me, he was so sharp and he just made football look so easy even when it’s very difficult.

What’s the best piece of skill you’ve seen in a game by somebody else?

I would have to say Thierry Henry’s goal against Manchester United when he flicked the ball up and volleyed it over the keeper into the net. He is one of my favourite players and I got to know him from playing for the national team.

Who is the most skilful player you’ve played with?

I would say Willian. He has so many skills and he shows that in every game, he’s a very skilful player.

What piece of advice would you give to young children working on their skills?

Just to be focused because it’s a question of concentration. You have to do something many times to become very good at it. Keep practicing, that’s the only way to achieve your goals.