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The Skill Set: Pedro

Pedro is the latest player the official Chelsea website invites to take part in a Q&A on football technique, both when the Spaniard was growing up and playing as a professional…

At what age did you first start kicking a ball around?

I don’t really remember when I started but when I was first part of a team I was 10 years old if I remember correctly, but I definitely started kicking a ball much, much younger.

How old were you when you first mastered keepy-uppies?

I was about five or six. When I was 10 years old I knew that I already had some of the skills and could do some of the movements needed to be a football player.

What skills did you work on the hardest when young?

Mainly pace, trying to become as fast I could be, so I would run for a long time. Also resistance.

Who is the most skilful player outside of Chelsea you have played with or against?

As everyone will be expecting, my answer is Lionel Messi. It is just that he is very ambitious about wanting to be the best. Also Neymar as they both have very fast movements. There are other people I have shared a changing room with as well who I think are really good like Ronaldinho and Alexis Sanchez. 

What does it feel like when a skill you have worked hard on in training comes off during a game?

This is the main objective so it is very satisfactory when it actually works out. The preparation of the whole week is for the game and you are helping a team so it is great when it happens.

What is the piece of skill or technique you have seen from someone in a match that you most admire?

I really enjoyed watching some of Messi’s dribbling when I was at Barcelona, and now I can actually see how he plays, Eden Hazard as well. Definitely if you see people like that, that is what stands out.

What’s the best piece of skill you’ve done in a match?

Definitely for me as a forward or winger it is scoring goals, because it helps the team and that is what my position is for anyway. It is difficult to choose one because I have scored many goals and some of them have been important and in finals, but maybe for the beauty of it, the scissor goal I did for Barcelona. 


What piece of advice would you give kids about developing their skills? What should they work on the most?

My advice is to train every day and put all you can into training if you want to improve technique or strength or pace. You have to exercise and put a lot of emphasis on that, and also to watch football. Nowadays you can watch a lot of games on TV and before that wasn’t possible so make use of it.