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Another price freeze, £30 away ticket cap and subsidised travel

Chelsea Football Club is pleased to announce all season ticket and individual match ticket prices for home fans for next season at Stamford Bridge remain frozen at 2011/12 levels.

In addition, we are delighted that Chelsea supporters attending any away match the club plays in the Premier League over the next three seasons will pay no more than £30 for a ticket, and Chelsea FC will continue to subsidise travel for our fans attending every domestic game outside London.

This home ticket price freeze applies to all competitions in which the team will compete in 2016/17. It includes not only all seats sold to season ticket holders and members, but any tickets for home areas which go on general sale as well. It means general admission prices have remained unchanged in nine of the past 11 years.

This current season, the club has trialled an extended junior ticket category which offers reduced match ticket prices to our fans aged under 20 and this remains in place with no price increase, as do concessionary rates for over-65s. Concessionary season tickets for supporters from these age groups are available in all the home areas of the stadium. These too are frozen in price.

We are continuing with the well-established discounted prices for home domestic cup games, for which we have a proud record of sell-out attendances.

For our fans who follow the team away from Stamford Bridge in the Premier League there is good news, with £30 the maximum ticket price in the visitors’ section of all stadia from 2016/17 to 2018/19.

This is part of a Premier League-wide initiative announced today, and is in addition to the subsidised travel to away games available to our fans for the past three seasons which will continue in 2016/17. The ticket price cap and the travel subsidies recognise the huge contribution our fans make at away games.

The £30 limit for away tickets from next season will represent a potential saving of almost £300 for Chelsea fans, who in general pay the highest prices charged by opposition clubs for seats in their visitors’ sections. Games against Chelsea are usually in the top category for pricing when clubs adopt a variable price structure based on their opponents. 

The club will continue to assist our supporters with travel for domestic competitions. Reduced-priced transport is already provided for every domestic match outside London and next season will be the fourth in succession the club has offered this. Since 2013 we have also subsidised match tickets for selected away games.

Chairman Bruce Buck said: ‘First of all I want to thank our fans for their outstanding loyalty and undiminished support despite some difficult times this season. You have continued to attend in large numbers to back the team and it never goes unnoticed or unappreciated by the players, staff and the owner.

‘Match ticket prices is one of the subjects the club discusses most frequently with our fans, especially at the Fans’ Forum and with supporter organisations, which is why we keep our pricing structure and ticket policies under constant review.

‘I’m glad to report there will once again be no change when it comes to home fan ticket prices at Stamford Bridge, as has been the case nine times over the past 11 seasons. It is also good to see the extending of our junior price category to cover all teenagers has proved a success, helping to ensure a strong base to our future support.

‘While fans attending home games have a price freeze, those following the team away next season have increased help with the costs of doing so and the club fully supports the new Premier League price cap for away tickets.

‘The backing the team receives from our supporters up and down the land is unwavering, both in numbers attending and noise made.

‘We have been able to help with the cost of travel and away tickets in recent seasons, as we are for this weekend’s FA Cup game at Everton. I am pleased from next season onwards on top of the £30 away ticket cap, the club will continue to provide financial assistance for travelling Blues. You deserve it and we hope you will find it beneficial.’ 

Season ticket renewal forms and the full ticket policies for next season will be available from 14 April.