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Fabregas: More like us

Cesc Fabregas drew comparisons between last night’s game against Tottenham and Chelsea’s season in general as he reflected on the team’s momentous recovery to draw 2-2 in the London derby.

Eden Hazard’s stunning equaliser following a Gary Cahill goal made news across the football globe as it confirmed Leicester City as Premier League champions. The way the Blues recovered from 2-0 down at half-time to test Spurs’ nerve to the full was sporting drama at its best.

‘That is what football is about, that is why you love this sport so much,’ said Fabregas who was at the heart of the action as we mounted the recovery.

‘It was a fantastic second half and I think everyone enjoyed it.

‘It is a little bit how our season has gone really - first half not too good and then when things don’t go that well it is like a wake-up call and we start performing. It is a shame because I believe we have a lot of quality in this team and we can do much better. We can play so many more times like we did in the second half but we did not have that consistency this year which is why we are where we are.

‘In the first 25 minutes we played well and Tottenham had the last 20 minutes [of the half] when they scored two goals and we made two defensive mistakes, but the second half was all ours. They scored two goals because we didn’t defend well enough but I think 70 to 75 per cent of the game was all ours.’

As the Premier League trophy moves from Chelsea’s possession to the East Midlands, Fabregas congratulated Leicester on their triumph.

‘What a fantastic night and season for them and it is unbelievable. Whatever happens from now on, in 20, 30, 40 years they will keep talking about it so congratulations and I hope they enjoy it. They deserve it very much and well done.’