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Baseball and Beats for Cahill

Gary Cahill met LA Dodgers right fielder Yasiel Puig after our match on Wednesday night, with the pair exchanging limited edition Beats By Dr Dre headphones.

Cahill headed the only goal of the game against Liverpool at the Rose Bowl, Pasadena, and at the end of the contest was joined on the field by Puig, who is a fan of both football and Chelsea, to exchange special pairs of Chelsea and Dodgers-branded headphones.

‘It was a good game and I’m glad Chelsea won, that’s a good thing,’ Puig said afterwards. ‘I am a fan, but I have to say that in the English league I follow Chelsea and in Spain I like Real Madrid.

‘I like to watch games on TV when I can but it was good to be here tonight, it was a very good game and everybody is happy. Chelsea has a lot of fans here, Liverpool do too, but Chelsea is winning today!’

Puig, 25, hails from Cuba, and said he believes soccer can eventually be as big as baseball in the States.

‘Yeah, why not?’ he said. ‘Soccer is a huge sport around the world and it is becoming more popular here in America all the time. When I was young I liked soccer more than baseball. I played a little bit when I was younger, and I was pretty good. I could play anywhere, but I liked to be a goalie!’