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David Luiz: Enjoying the Chelsea life

As he comes to the end of his first week back as a Chelsea player, David Luiz speaks to the official Chelsea website about leaving the last time, his return and getting going again with team-mates new and familiar…

We never had the chance to have a farewell interview when you left in 2014. Had we, what would you have said?

I think that sometimes the life is great but I was feeling sad when I left, especially because of this – because I didn’t say goodbye to anybody. But I can say now that my relationship with everyone here was always amazing, with everyone working here and with the players and I can feel the same respect and the same love now.

So if I had the opportunity to go back into the past, I would say a special thank you to everybody because I spent three-and-a-half years here and they were amazing. I was growing a lot and that is why I just had great memories of here.

There have been reports that when you knew of Chelsea’s interest in bringing you back, you were very keen to come.

It was my decision, yes. I really wanted to come back because I spent an amazing time here. I loved to be here and that is why I want to come back.

It did not take you long to meet up with old team-mates with Oscar posting an Instagram of you together the next day.

Of course I had a great relationship with Oscar and the Brazilians and with the other players here, so when you miss your friends you want to be together and that is why we went out to have dinner. I am a lucky guy. I’ve had the opportunity to play in Europe for amazing clubs. I had a great relationship with Benfica, a great relationship here and a great relationship with PSG.

When I left my family my mum and dad taught me to respect everybody before everything else. It does not matter if you win or lose in life, you need to respect everybody. That is what I try to do every day.

What were those Chelsea v PSG Champions League contests like to play in?

Two very big clubs so they were tough games. The quality was quite the same so I was trying to enjoy them and to win and I was lucky, because all the times I won these ties. I went to the next round with both sides.

Among other trophies you have won the Champions League here and domestic league titles in Portugal and France but not the Premier League.

It is time to do it! And I hope it will be this year. I am working hard for that and this is our goal this season. We don’t have the Champions League to fight for so for sure we will try to win the Premier League and both cups. 

Are you pleased you are now on the same side as Diego Costa?

Yes! He was an amazing player when I was playing against him. He is a guy who gives everything for your team and now I am on his side, for sure I have a great striker for my team and with the spirit of love for football, with passion, so I am happy for that.

We are yet to see how Antonio Conte will use you in the team but people have been speculating that in a back-three is one option. Have you experience of playing that?

I started playing three at the back with Vitoria in Brazil, but it doesn’t matter where, I want to help and when I am in the team I am there to try to help. The coach is an amazing coach, he understands a lot of tactical things and I know he chooses every match the best line up, so if he needs to play three, four or two, it doesn’t matter, I am there if he wants me to play. In different positions I am available.

We have Swansea away and then Liverpool on a Friday night, a big occasion for your return to Stamford Bridge.

It is the same game. My first game for Chelsea was Liverpool at home. It is big but they are always tough games here. Against Swansea it will not be easy, I played in draws there before, so it is always a tough game. Then in the league after Liverpool it is a London derby. They will be tough games.

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