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Azpilicueta: Right reaction

Cesar Azpilicueta shared his manager’s frustration that we did not win at Swansea, but the defender picked out positives in the form of Diego Costa’s performance and the spirit displayed by the team in adversity.

Perhaps the biggest reflection of our dominance in Wales was the final shot count - the Blues having 28 efforts on goal to Swansea’s six - but our hosts were clinical when clear chances did come their way. In the end, it was us who needed a goal in the final 10 minutes to ensure we had something tangible to show for our efforts, though Azpilicueta still believed we merited more.

‘We were coming here to get three points so to get out with just one after the game we had is disappointing,’ the Spaniard said.

‘I think we had control of the game most of the time. The two goals came from mistakes so obviously it’s disappointing. The first one was a corner for us that we conceded a counter-attack to, and that can happen. The second goal I think was a foul. The referee made that decision and we had to move forward, to get in the game.

‘The reaction of the team was really good,’ the full-back continued.

‘We changed the speed of the game. We tried to come back, we got to 2-2, and we had chances to get the third goal. The spirit of the team was very good.’

Azpilicueta also had complimentary words for Diego Costa, who followed up his midweek brace for Spain with two goals for his club at the Liberty Stadium.

‘His work [in training] is reflected in the games. He is scoring a lot of goals for us. He works very hard for the team, he makes a lot of movement and he is a big part of our team.

‘We are happy he is scoring goals, because if he is scoring goals it seems we are doing the right thing and he is getting the chance to score.’

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