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Reaction: The way we want it

Two of our goalscorers in last night’s thrilling victory against Leicester City, Gary Cahill and Cesc Fabregas, spoke afterwards of the quality and character we displayed to get the better of the champions.

It was Cahill, captain for the night, who set us on the road to recovery on the brink of half-time with an accurate header from a Fabregas corner. Following a Cesar Azpilicueta equaliser, Cesc then finished the job in the opening stages of extra-time, netting a clinical brace to ensure our name will be in the hat when the fourth round draw is made later today.

‘In the first half they scored two goals, it was a bit unfair, probably our mistakes, not focused maybe, but I think we played quite well and we were feeling quite comfortable,’ the Spaniard said.

‘We know that they are a dangerous team on the counter, which is what they did and we paid for it, but after we showed great character as I think we have been showing the whole season.’

Cahill agreed with his teammate regarding our defending early on, and pointed to the timing of his goal as the key moment in the East Midlands.

‘I know things are new and we are trying to learn different things but we started the game so sloppily,’ Cahill reflected.  

‘From about midway in the first half and especially in the second half we showed what we want to do and the way we want to play.

‘As the game went on we got stronger and stronger and I felt like we were going to get back in it, especially when we got the first goal. If you go in 2-0 up you’re comfortable but it gave us a lift. Second half was a good performance.

‘We created chances and Cesc scored two to put the game to bed.’

Fabregas was pleased with his own contribution and hopes to keep making a difference when he is on the pitch.

‘First of all I was happy to play from the start. Secondly if I can help the team, fantastic.

‘Hopefully this will help shut a few journalists up who are talking rubbish all the time, and focus on what is important: Chelsea winning, playing well, and when I have the chance show what I can do, because I know what I can do and it’s a lot for this team.’