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Chelsea continues Living Wage commitment

Chelsea FC's proud and continued commitment as a Living Wage employer means the club raised our minimum rate of pay during Living Wage Week, having become the first English professional football club to be accredited by the Living Wage Foundation in January 2015.

Today’s opponents, Everton, have recently become the second Premier League club to do so.

Taking place from 30 October until today (5 November), Living Wage Week celebrates the Living Wage campaign, which has seen Chelsea and around 3,000 other pioneering companies so far voluntarily agree to pay every member of staff over the age of 18 a fair wage, in line with the cost of living and significantly above the current national minimum wage.

Every year, during Living Wage Week, the Living Wage Foundation announces the annual increase to the Living Wage, with the London Mayor also revealing a corresponding figure for workers in the capital.

This year's announcement means that by 1 January 2017 all members of staff directly employed by Chelsea will earn at least £9.75 an hour, while those working outside of London will receive a minimum of £8.45 an hour, with the process of ensuring that staff of external contractors and additional agency staff on our sites will get the same rate of pay set to be completed by 1 July 2017.

Katherine Chapman, Director of the Living Wage Foundation said: ‘Business by business and organisation by organisation our employers are voluntarily choosing to close the pay gap in the UK between what people need to live on and the government minimum that every employer has to pay.

‘The increase in the real Living Wage will mean thousands of employees around the country will get a much needed increase to their pay packet to help them meet the cost of living. That’s the difference paying the real Living Wage makes.

‘During Living Wage Week we celebrate the leadership of those great Living Wage employers who make this possible.’   

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