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Matic: Happy days

Nemanja Matic mirrored the sentiments of his manager following Saturday’s success at Crystal Palace, in expressing pride over the record winning run while still seeing room for improvement.

The towering midfielder has played a big part in the chalking up of 11 victories in a row which have broken the club record for such a run in a single season and matched our best overall. This weekend’s 1-0 win was also the third with that scoreline in the space of a week, and with two of those games away from home, it was another good test of our title credentials passed.

We are very happy because of our form,’ confirmed Matic. ‘How we play is very good and our confidence is high because to win 11 games in a row in the Premier League is not easy, and we are very happy especially because the last three games we played in a week we won all nine points and I hope we will continue like this.’

The Serbian explained what it takes to put an 11-game run like ours together with only two goals conceded.

‘That shows you that the team is strong and is concentrating in every part of the game. As you see against Crystal Palace, they had some dangerous action but we all stayed together on the pitch and we follow the ideas of our coach and this the result.

‘We can improve of course. Sometimes when we are 1-0 up we have to find a way to kill the game because 1-0 in the Premier League against a team like Crystal Palace is very dangerous, because they can score at any time, they have good attacking players so I am sure that we can improve and that he [Conte] knows what we have to do in the future.

‘It is a long way to go,’ Matic added. ‘We are now almost halfway through the season and we still have many hard games so we are not favourites, we are just one of the teams that can now win the title and I am sure there are more than five teams that will try to catch us for first position.’


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