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Pedro: Living in the moment

Pedro is in the scoring groove right now and the quality of one of his latest strikes has earned him further recognition from Chelsea supporters.

The Spaniard’s brilliant effort against Bournemouth on Boxing Day has been voted December’s best by Chelsea fans in our latest Goal of the Month competition. He received 34 per cent of the vote and one lucky supporter who chose his strike has won a football signed by the whole squad.

The goal itself typified Pedro’s qualities. He controlled a short pass from Cesc Fabregas on the edge of the box with his right foot, instantly shifted it on to his left and, despite the close attentions of plenty of Bournemouth defenders, clipped his shot into the far top corner with minimal backlift. 

It was a near-mirror image to the one he curled in against Tottenham with his right foot in the same Shed End net a month earlier.  

‘I have always scored a lot of goals with both feet,’ Pedro tells the official Chelsea website.

‘It’s an important quality of mine. It’s good to be able to shoot with one foot or the other foot, it gives you more options. The goal against Bournemouth was a very good goal for me and the team and I’m happy to score again. it was a nice moment.

‘I think the goal against Tottenham was better but the Bournemouth one was a good goal, also,’ Pedro adds, throwing his derby strike recognised as the league’s best in November into the mix.

He already has three goals in 2017 to his name so it’s now four in four for Chelsea. Looking back at his career statistics, Pedro’s goals do often seem to arrive in clusters.

This was never more evident than during Barcelona’s all-conquering 2010/11 season, when his first 14 games yielded a solitary goal. In his next 15 appearances, he scored 16 goals. Barca won every game. And his next 15 games? One goal.

‘I am not sure why this is,’ Pedro shrugs. ‘I remember at Barcelona many times scoring goals in consecutive weeks, and here it is the first time like this. It’s the right way for me.

‘I think it’s the moment. In the right moment you can score more goals; in other moments you don’t, and it’s difficult. I think you can get in to a rhythm and it helps when you’re feeling confident, in your game and with your team-mates. I’m feeling very comfortable on the pitch and this is a good moment for the team and the club, for everybody.’

Pedro’s latest goal, in the win at Leicester, came in the form of a header. He admits it’s an unusual way for him to score and he can only recall three or four in his entire career. 

What was even more notable however was his remarkable no-look pirouette pass in the build-up to his goal. Words can’t really do it justice, but is he able to explain it?

‘The ball came to me and I touched it in a certain way for Willi. He went inside and then I scored with the head.

‘I have tried it once or twice maybe in training but it’s something you do in the moment. You don’t think about it; you just play the ball in the best way you can.

‘It helps when you are confident,’ the 29-year-old adds. ‘For me it’s probably the best moment since I’ve been here. I want to continue like this, to keep scoring goals and to help the team get more wins.’