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Real context for enterprising pupils

The Chelsea Foundation hosted the launch of the Blues' involvement in the Premier League Enterprise Programme at Stamford Bridge.

At the event, more than 60 pupils from four local secondary schools attended a day-long session to receive an introduction to the initiative, which is now in its third year and is supported and funded by both the Premier League itself and Sport Relief.

It included a special tour of the stadium focused on business studies and the students were all linked with Chelsea staff members who had volunteered to take on the role of mentor to offer advice, explain their role at the club and pass on the experience gained in their career.

‘We are really pleased to be able to offer the Premier League Enterprise Programme to schools as it fits perfectly into our wider education work,’ said Chelsea Foundation schools education manager Sam Gaskin-Kemp. ‘By involving staff from the club in the project, we are hoping to provide some real context for students.’

Chelsea human resources training and recruitment manager Rebecca Nicholas, one of the mentors volunteering at the launch, added: ‘It was very nice to meet the students, they had some great participation and answered the questions well with some good points. I wish them well with the programme and look forward to hearing how well they are doing.’

The Premier League Enterprise Programme will involve participants at Chelsea in 10 weekly sessions, providing insight into how football clubs operate as a business and featuring activities focused on key areas including customer service, advertising, publicity and employment, while developing their literacy and numeracy skills.

‘The session was very informative and the staff were very engaging,’ said Kevin Regan, a teacher at La Retraite Catholic School for Girls, one of the four visiting Stamford Bridge. ‘The sessions were stimulating and covered the significance of business, sport and the community. We look forward to the rest of the programme.’