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Conte: Passion and respect

Antonio Conte says that although he enjoys sharing his passion with the fans on the touchline, it is important to show enthusiasm in the right way.

The Italian's emotional celebrations came to the fore again in last week's win over Arsenal, as he embraced supporters in Stamford Bridge's East Stand after Eden Hazard gave us a two-goal advantage over our London rivals.

Moments such as that have been a trademark of his time with Chelsea, and Conte admits if anything he has become even more passionate as a manager than he was when playing on the pitch, as a result of his dedication to his team.

'For sure the spontaneity is more now than when I was a footballer but when I scored, always I showed my passion with a great celebration,' he said. 'I didn't score a lot in my career, but when it happened I always showed great passion and great celebration because I live football with great enthusiasm.

'I put a lot of myself in my work, I try to give 120 per cent to my players to prepare them for the game, to try to put my players in the best condition to face the opponent. And then sometimes when you feel that there is a particular moment of the season or to celebrate a goal, it's very difficult for me to keep this passion hidden and sometimes I share this passion with the fans, with the players.'

However, while his passionate celebrations may seem like uncontrolled emotion, he insists he is always mindful of not overstepping the mark with respect to opponents and officials.

'It's always important to have a great respect for the fourth official, for the referee, for the opponent and the other manager. It's important to have a good enthusiasm, a good passion and transfer this passion only in the right way to your players, your staff, your fans.'

Conte also explained that although we are unlikely to see an end to his animated style on the touchline, as it is a representation of his personality, he believes there is no right or wrong way for a manager to get the best out of his players during games.

'I think everyone lives the situation in their own way,' he said. 'It is not good to judge badly someone who stays always sitting during the game, it is not good to judge badly if one manager follows the game and stays standing up for the whole match. Everyone has their own style.

'I have a great passion for football and I think that the moment you see that I stay sitting, my club must be worried, because I have finished my passion.'

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