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Conte: Complete player

Antonio Conte says Victor Moses is deserving of all the praise he has received this season for the work he put in to improve every aspect of his game.

The Nigerian international has excelled since adopting a wing-back role, being rewarded for his performances with a new contract at Chelsea this week, surprising even his manager with how well he has adapted to the position.

'If you asked me before the change if I imagined him in this new position, I would say not, because we started to try to play with the 4-2-4 and I always saw him as a winger, very good one-v-one but a bit poor defensively,' explained Conte.

However, his mind was soon changed due to Moses willingness to learn and develop as a player.

'When I decided to change the system, I wanted to try him in this role, to work with him in a different situation, and he showed me great commitment to understand and to study the new role, above all in defensive situations. Now we have a complete player, offensively and defensively.'

Although he may not have envisaged Moses' switch to a wing-back at first, our Italian boss was in now doubt as to the 26-year-old's readiness to play a part for Chelsea right from the start, and never considered another loan spell for him.

'I realised quickly that Victor could stay with us. I spoke with him during pre-season, when we stayed in America, and told him he will stay with us. I'm happy to have have this type of player. I knew him before, but to see him in person is very important to judge a player. He deserved to stay with us this season but also now he is deserving to play.

'Victor was very, very happy when I told him he would stay. He said to me “I am ready to stay here, to fight for the club, I need to have my chance to show that I deserve to play with Chelsea”. It happened and we are very happy for this because he's showing he's a good player.'

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