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Hazard: Good goals and a good time

Eden Hazard has been talking further about his Premier League Goal of the Month as well as his ambition to win the FA Cup.

In the video above, the Belgian and N’Golo Kante discuss their cup aims and following the award-winning solo strike in February’s win over Arsenal, Hazard tells the official Chelsea website more about the goal here:

‘At this moment in the game we were winning 1-0 and to kill the game we had to score another one, and when we had the chance we had to score and I did, and at the end the score was 3-1 and the fans were very happy.

Do you know when you are in the middle of scoring such a goal that it is special, or are you too focused on what you are doing?

‘You realise that after. At that moment on the pitch you know you scored a good goal but after when you watch on television the next day you see it is something special. You watch everyone talking about the goal so you feel it more afterwards that you scored a good goal.

‘You can see then all the picture of the goal, from the start when I begin to take the ball and at the end when the ball touches the net, so it is something good.’


How does it compare with your Chelsea Goal of the Year at home to Tottenham?

‘It is different. Tottenham was a shot and against Arsenal was more of a solo goal. This kind of goal is more similar to the one I scored last season against Liverpool away. It is something I can do sometimes and I hope to do more times.’

Is a solo goal something you can actually train for or is it more a case of practising the basic skills?

‘You can practise dribbling but it is difficult to practise doing that in a match, so it is something you try out of instinct and you see what happens.’

Maybe your goal in the most recent game at West Ham will be nominated for the March award?

‘It was a good counter-attack but it is not as good a goal as the Arsenal one.’

You have already pointed out the FA Cup is a missing trophy in your collection and that is the same for many of the team.

‘The FA Cup is something we want to win, but when you play for Chelsea it is not something you think about a lot because you want to win every game. All the games from now until the end of the season will be difficult because everyone wants to beat the team that is at the top of the league, so we have to be ready for that. All the opponents will give everything and we have to do our best.’

Looking across your Chelsea career, springtime has often been when you produce some of your best form.

‘It is a key moment in the season and if we want to be champions we have to give everything. My target is to give everything and only if we win the trophies will I be relaxed. The sun is coming now, winter is finished so it is a good time for the players and for the fans to come to Stamford Bridge and go to the away games. Everything is in a good situation.’

-          In the Chelsea TV video below, Eden Hazard talks us through his pass with his back to N’Golo Kante in last Monday’s game.

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