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David Luiz: Time to look ahead

David Luiz was in no mood for making excuses as he looked back on Sunday’s defeat in Manchester but he was also keen to point out the league leaders have good reason to remain confident for the final games of the season.

The Brazilian was part of the back-line breached near the start of each half at Old Trafford and he was asked if the late withdrawal of usual wing-back Marcos Alonso, who was unable to complete the warm-up, had disrupted the Blues plans and rhythm.

‘This kind of thing can happen,’ David Luiz reflected. ‘He felt a bit sick so that is why we had to change but it didn’t affect the game because Marcos did not play, we lost because we did not play very well and it was not the Chelsea like before and sometimes this happens.

‘We didn’t play well, Manchester United played better than us and they deserved to win.’

David Luiz confirmed he believed there to be a non-awarded handball by Ander Herrera which immediately led to the move from which Marcos Rashford opened the scoring.

‘I saw it but we can say the referee did not see it, and they played a counter-attack with the free ball and behind the line you cannot make a foul or you will get a red card. It is normal that sometimes the referee can see and sometimes he cannot see so we cannot judge him because also we had some mistakes in the game. It is not about the referee why we did not win, it is about our game not being top level.

‘Tottenham are playing very well,’ he added on the subject of the Premier League title race, ‘but also we are top of the table for a reason and we still have to play a lot of football, so we need to look forward and play the next games.’