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Moses: Big responsibility

Victor Moses has praised Antonio Conte for giving him the opportunity to show his quality and helping him to develop and improve as a wing-back...

Victor Moses has praised Antonio Conte for giving him the opportunity to show his quality and helping him to develop and improve as a wing-back.

Having spent the past three seasons out on loan, Moses has been an integral member of Conte’s Chelsea side who are just one win away from sealing the title.

Having started the away game at Hull in October at right wing-back, Moses thrived, performing consistently throughout the campaign and missing just two Premier League games since, both through injury.

‘I’ve always believed in the ability I have,’ said the Nigerian. ‘I’ve always felt I had the ability to play for a big club like Chelsea and I’ve proved that. We have a new manager here who is willing to give everybody an opportunity. He gave me the opportunity and I haven’t looked back. I’m enjoying my football right now and I just want to keep on enjoying it until the end of the season.

‘He didn’t say it to me, he just put me there,’ Moses added, when asked about his initial thoughts on being asked to play right wing-back. ‘After that he kept on encouraging me and going through it with me, explaining what the position is all about, mostly in training. He was constantly talking to me to make sure I improve and I took it all in.

‘It’s a new position and he gave me the opportunity to express myself. I know I’ve never played that position before but I’m enjoying it. I just want to keep on working hard.’

Prior to this season, Moses had spent his whole career operating as either a winger or striker, and he explained why remaining focused throughout the game is so important when playing as a wing-back.

‘To be honest I just want to play football, it doesn’t matter which position, I just want to help the team,’ he said. ‘It was the Hull game where it started, I really enjoyed it and afterwards I kept watching videos to make sure I was in the right place.

‘It’s a big position and you need a lot of stamina to play there. There’s a big responsibility because it’s not a position where you can lose a lot of balls, you have to be concentrated for every minute. I have to make sure I help my team-mates when I go forward and defend as well.

‘I’ve been learning a lot defensively, the manager has been teaching me in training and I’ve taken everything in. When I play against a winger, I’m a winger myself so I understand what they’re going to do before they try to go past me, so it makes it a lot easier.

‘The manager knows I’m good offensively but defensively I need to improve more and the manager really gets on top of me in training and makes sure I’m doing the right thing.’