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Training, tours and travel - part two

The attention turns to tour memories, training abroad and meeting our global fanbase in our pre-season questionnaire put to some of the players…

Playing for Chelsea, you have the opportunity to travel to many different places. Which has been your favourite tour destination so far? 

Gary Cahill: For me it’s New York, a city I really love. But we’re also looking forward to going to Asia this summer, the fans are so passionate you can’t help enjoying yourself. I haven’t been to China or Singapore before so it’s good to be able to tick off some more places.

Kurt Zouma: For me it was Hollywood last year. The manager and his staff worked everybody hard but we also had some spare time to enjoy the city.

Willian: Last year in 2016 was my favourite. Los Angeles was amazing and so glamorous. This year we will go to China and Singapore and I think it will be good fun.

Thibaut Courtois: With these pre-season tours, last year in America and the year before, and this time when we go to Asia, it is always nice when we see the culture of the people. With Atletico I went to South America, to countries like Peru, and it is always nice to see the culture those people live in, to learn about it and see how they live football. 

Do you enjoy the experience of meeting up with the club’s international fans on tour?

Cesar Azpilicueta: Always. We have fans all around the world and it is always good to get to know them. For a club like Chelsea, it is important for us to travel to wherever we have supporters.

Zouma: Always. To meet the fans always makes me smile and I hope we can make the fans smile. That is what is important. 

Willian: It’s important for us to do this, to see the fans, play in front of them and show them we are real. 

Cahill: Definitely. It's amazing to see the passion for Chelsea wherever we go. The fans in Asia are crazy, making the commitment to watch games in the middle of the night when we are playing so it’s nice to be able to give a little something back. 

Does it benefit the team to be spending an extended time in one city to train and play pre-season games? 

Zouma: It is good if you don’t have to travel too much but it is also important for us to see our fans around the world. Everywhere we go people make us very welcome.

Courtois: I have been to Singapore with Atletico and it is nice. It is a special place, there are lot of rules as well but when I went there I liked it. It will be a good base for training. There is a lot of humidity I remember when trained there so it will be hard but hopefully we can adapt fast. 

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