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Conte: Morata the right man

Antonio Conte has spoken for the first time about Alvaro Morata, whose transfer from Real Madrid was confirmed on Friday.

It is too late for the Spain striker to appear in the game against Arsenal in Beijing’s Bird’s Nest, where Conte was speaking on the eve of the game, but the manager is keen to welcome Morata into his squad.

‘I think for sure he is good signing for us,’ said Conte. ‘Morata is a young player who has a lot of experience. He has played with Real Madrid and Juventus and has a lot of experience for the league and also in the Champions League.’

Conte was asked about the size of transfer fees and he labelled the current transfer market a ‘crazy market’, highlighting a selection of fees paid across the board for strikers this summer and pointing out that in order to buy a ‘simple, normal player’ a club has to think about spending 40 to 50 million euro.

‘This is the situation now,’ he continued, ‘we have to live with it and you must be very good and don’t make mistakes when you buy because you have to spend a lot of money and it is very important your choice. Morata for sure is a first-choice [for team selection] a good striker and a player with the right prospects for Chelsea. He is very young, for sure he can improve a lot and I hope to show his value with us.’

On the subject of Diego Costa, Conte said: ‘I don’t like to talk about a player when they don’t stay here, the only things I can tell you is in January the Costa situation was very clear for the club, for him and for his agent, and the situation is closed.’

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