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First Words: Alvaro Morata

Alvaro Morata signed for Chelsea on Friday, arrived in Singapore on Saturday, trained for the first time with the squad on Sunday and on Monday, our new no.9 sat down to speak with the official Chelsea website.

Antonio Conte has reported it is in his plans to involve the Spanish international in Tuesday’s game against Bayern Munich and Morata talks about that prospect, about working under the Italian and about a long-held ambition realised…

It was quite a reception you received at the airport when you arrived in Singapore at the weekend…

‘I was very happy when I arrived here and there were many supporters asking for my signature. I am very happy because it is my first travel with Chelsea and I am so proud for the support.’ 

You were set to play the first football game held in the Singapore National Stadium when it opened in 2014 but in the end you could not…

‘Yes, I had an injury and I did not come here with Juventus. Finally, I am here and I hope to play tomorrow.’

Tells us about Antonio Conte becoming your manager for a second time, with him having first signed you shortly before he left Juventus to become Italy manager…

‘I know Antonio wanted me in the past and I really want to work with Antonio, and finally destiny put us together. I can’t wait to play for him and for Chelsea and to win together.

‘It was disappointing in 2014 when he went to Italy, but I played well and had a good year at Juventus, but I really want to work with this coach and finally I can.

‘I know his work, the staff. I know it is a lot of tactics and I really like this game and I know how to play with this system.’

You said in the recent past if you left Real Madrid it would be for a Premier League club and you sounded pretty certain about that…

‘It is the perfect situation. I decided to play in the Premier League and I want to play in Antonio’s team. Now I need to work hard, score goals and to play well for the team. There are very good players here and I think we can do something amazing this year.

‘It is hard to leave Madrid but it is not so hard when you come to a club like Chelsea, with these players and with this coach, and I think we can play against Real Madrid and Barcelona and win.’ 

What is so special about the Premier League?

‘When I was little I watched with my dad and it is incredible, a lot of goals and fast matches and I really want to play here. When I was little I saw Didier Drogba, Andriy Shevchencko, Fernando Torres and thought probably in a few years I will take this place, and now it is the dream to take the Chelsea number 9 shirt. I can’t wait to play at Stamford Bridge and in the Premier League.’

What was it like training at Cobham before flying to Asia?

‘I did one session and it was perfect for training, a fantastic atmosphere, very green, all the Chelsea people are friendly and I feel at home since the first day.’ 

That will be helped by knowing several of the squad from Spain…

‘For me it is very good I have many Spanish players here but I think I need to speak a lot with the other team-mates to learn good English!’

Your English sounds good. Hasn’t it been helped by visiting family in America?

‘Yes, but only little things like give me a pizza or a drink! I need to improve.’

Unfortunately, one of your Spain team-mates Pedro is not here in Singapore to say hello again…

‘I don’t like this situation but fortunately it is not too serious a thing. We want Pedro back because he is an amazing player and a great team-mate.’

Cesar Azpilicueta and Marcos Alonso have told us this week you are quick, strong and score important goals

‘Maybe. I hope so. I hope to play quick and strong and score some goals. I want to play like this.’ 

Are you ready physically to play against Bayern Munich tomorrow?

‘I am in good condition. I have made a long travel and am a little bit tired, but when I put the shirt on it doesn’t matter. I want to play and I want to score and I want to give everything on the pitch.’

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