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New penalty system trial at Wembley

Should Sunday’s Community Shield against Arsenal be decided by penalties, a new ‘A-B-B-A’ shoot-out format will be used.

If, after 90 minutes, the scores are level, the game will be decided by a penalty shoot-out and a new system, which is aimed at being fairer on the team taking the second spot-kick, will be trialled.

The system is based on the format used in tennis tie-breaks, with the team taking the first kick in each pair of kicks alternating, so AB-BA-AB-BA and so on instead of AB-AB-AB-AB etc.

The FA said in a statement: ‘The FA has today announced that a different order of kicks for Kicks from the Penalty Mark (KFPM) will be trialled at Sunday's FA Community Shield supported by McDonald's - the first time the new format will be used competitively in the country.

‘The new format will be used across all English Football League tournaments from this season but the first chance to see the system at work could now come this weekend at Wembley.’