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Alonso: Sticking together and striking goals

After his two goals which toppled Tottenham and a resolute performance throughout the team on Sunday, Marcos Alonso was full of smiles.

The Spanish wing-back demonstrated his free-kick prowess last season when he netted a beauty at Bournemouth in April having gone close in earlier games when he struck woodwork twice, but the one that opened the scoring at Wembley was better than any other he has scored, even in training, Alonso decided.

However, it looked likely to earn a single point rather than three when Michy Batshuayi’s own-goal levelled the scores but there was still time for another Alonso chance when David Luiz won the ball and Pedro passed it on.

‘I was not expecting Pedro’s ball to be honest but as soon as I saw it coming, I knew I was going to try to shoot, and I was a bit lucky when it went underneath the goalkeeper to make it 2-1,’ Alonso said.

‘In front of all our fans it was great, and I try to rest now because we have another big game next weekend.

‘We needed a win after a bad start last week,’ he added. ‘We knew it was going to be a tough game but we knew how to suffer as well and we stuck together throughout the whole game and we got the reward in the end.

‘We tried to keep more of the ball in the second half but Tottenham were pressing but we were compact all the game and it was a very good game from us.’

Alonso came to an agreement with David Luiz and Willian that he would take the free-kick that resulted in the first-half lead, with its position on the pitch suited more to a left-foot strike, but both Brazilians had an impact in open play. Willian shot against a post and Alonso paid tribute to the contribution from David Luiz who was asked to play in front of the back-three.

‘He did such a good job, in midfield, in defending, in the centre, on one side. A very good game from him and I am happy for him and for the team.

‘There was a lot of talking during the week, everybody, and I think we showed we are together,’ Alonso added. ‘We worked so hard this week and we 100 per cent deserved the win. We showed we are going to fight again for the title this year.’