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The Boys Next Door: Eden Hazard

In the first of a new feature for the new season, we ask one of the players for a little insight into the team-mates who sit next to him in the changing room at the training ground at Cobham.

For Eden Hazard, his neighbours are fellow Belgian duo Thibaut Courtois and Michy Batshuayi…

Who is normally first in for training in the mornings?

At the moment it is me or Thibaut because sometimes the goalkeepers start early or because I got injured, sometimes I go to see the physio.

Are they tidy or messy neighbours?

We are all quite the same, Thibaut, Michy and I. We don’t like order, we put stuff everywhere. We are not like Azpilicueta!

Tell us something we may not know about Michy and Thibaut...

You need to ask Michy about his song he had to sing when he first arrived at Chelsea after signing. It was a disaster! The only problem with Thibaut is he is from Belgium but he talks more in languages from other countries! I want him to change to talk like me. But it is no problem. I accept!

Favourite topic of conversation?

Football. We talk about football every time. 

Best thing about Thibaut and Michy as neighbours?

It is good because we are friends. We are from the same country, we talk the same language so it is funny. We can joke about something and we are laughing every time. That is the good thing. To have friends next to you.

One thing you would change?

I just want Michy to change his hair. And Thibaut needs to stop putting his shoes under my locker because every time he puts his shoes under my place, and I don’t like this!

I am very impressed by…

To be fair, Michy’s English is much better than before, he is improving a lot. Thibaut, the way he is talking all of the languages – English, French, Spanish, German - is unbelievable. 

Do you like their music?

Yes, we listen to the same music. Booba is one of the artists.

Let’s talk clothes…

Thibaut for him it is difficult. He is too big! It is not easy to find big clothes. Michy okay, he likes style, he likes to be dressed like a rapper. It is his own style, I don’t like it but for him, it is good.

Do you see each other away from the club?

Sometimes. We did some barbeque in my home and the kids they love each other, so sometimes they play together in the garden.