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The Work Behind...David Luiz

In the second of our new feature asking the players about the work they do behind the scenes at Cobham, we catch David Luiz off the training pitch and find out how yoga helps him ahead of a game, and the extra work he does at home...

When you get to Cobham, what do you do before training?

Normally I get here at 8.30 or 9 every day for training at 10.30. I have breakfast, I eat well. I always have the same thing: omelettes, some avocados, some cereals and water. 

Training doesn’t just start on the pitch. Every player has some work to do, normally in different parts of the body. Normally I work more on my legs, also to get strong.

When I have time and it’s not the days after a game I can work a bit more on the muscles. I like to work on this also for my balance. I work on different contraptions in the gym and then always with the physios to stretch and things like that to make my body ready for training.

Do you always wear the same kit for training?

Yes, always Chelsea kit! It depends on the weather each day. 

How many pairs of boots do you get through in a season?

I always use the same boot until I have to change it. I like to use the same boots I train with to play games. 

What are your optimum training conditions weather wise?

It depends on what kind of training it is. If it’s a physical training session it’s not nice to train in the sun; if it’s a tactical training session you stop many times so it’s better to have nice weather and warmth.

What do you do after training has finished?

It’s important to start the recovery after training, with exercises, stretches, the swimming pools. I use the pool a lot, also in my home, I am always training there too. In the water you use your muscles in a different way: not with impacts, not with challenges, it’s different. 

Do you do yoga?

I do yoga once a week, normally two days before a game. I do it to release, to think about different ways, and also to release the brain and to not lose energy before a game. This is important.

Do you normally have lunch at Cobham, and if so what?

Yes, I have lunch here. I like to have pasta, protein, so fish or meat, and some salad. 

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