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The Boys Next Door: Pedro

In the latest instalment of a feature where we ask a member of the squad to provide insight into the players he sits next to in the changing room at Cobham, we hear from Pedro.

For the attacker, those two closest to him are compatriots Cesc Fabregas and Alvaro Morata...


So, Pedro, who is normally the first player to arrive in the morning? 

Cesc is probably the first to get here but Alvaro arrives quite early as well, they eat breakfast and then we all talk a bit before training starts.

Are they tidy or messy neighbours?

They are both very clean neighbours (he laughs). We have a great atmosphere in the dressing room so it’s a good place to be. We all speak a lot and there are a lot of big characters, we have a fantastic spirit.

Tell us something we might not know about Cesc and Alvaro…

They are very different guys. Alvaro is quite shy, but very funny inside the dressing room. Cesc is also funny with a great character. He has been here longer and he was a big help to myself, and now Alvaro, when we first arrived, which makes it easier to adapt. I’ve known them both a long time. They are fantastic guys and fantastic players.

Do they film for social media in the changing room?

Not a lot, but at certain moments they might take a particular picture to put on Instagram or Facebook, normally one of all of us. They are not doing it all the time though.

Who spends longest in front of the mirror?

Probably Cesc (laughs), he likes to do his hair. Alvaro does as well though. They are both good-looking guys and they like to spend some time in front of the mirror.

Favourite topic of conversation?

A lot of different things but mainly football, our families and places to go in London. We speak about nice restaurants to visit and that type of thing, just normal stuff.

One thing you would change?

That’s a difficult question. They are both good friends and great guys so I don’t think I would change anything about them.

I was very impressed when...

When it comes to football they are both really professional. Cesc has a fantastic attitude whether it’s in training or a match and Alvaro has come here to show he really wants to do well and help us fight for titles.

Off the pitch, Cesc is a very family-orientated guy and Alvaro is very quiet and down to earth. 

Do you like their music?

Yes, all three of us like the same type of stuff, especially Latin music, and we enjoy listening to it in the dressing room.

Let’s talk clothes...

Cesc and Alvaro are both very smart when it comes to clothes.

Do you see each other away from the club?

Yes, we speak a lot and see each other as well. We live quite close to each other in the centre of London so we often go out to dinner together, which is nice.

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