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First Words: Jonna Andersson

Jonna Andersson will officially become a Chelsea Ladies player on 29 December, but the Swedish international recently visited the training ground and stopped for a quick chat in her new surroundings.

The 24-year-old bolsters the Scandinavian contingent in the Blues squad, joining her compatriots Magda Eriksson and Hedvig Lindahl, along with Norwegian duo Maren Mjelde and Maria Thorisdottir.

She was hoping to see them all in action last weekend in our game against Manchester City, which was unfortunately postponed due to the recent bad weather, so instead she consoled herself by sitting down with the official Chelsea website for her first interview since her arrival was announced

Welcome to Chelsea Ladies, Jonna. How does it feel to join the club?

It's a real honour to come to Chelsea. I'm really excited and I can't wait to start training with all the players. It's going to be really good.

What do you make of the facilities at our Cobham training ground?

It's so big and there are so many pitches here! Coming from Linkopings, it's huge and I'm impressed at how big and how nice it is.

Unfortunately, you brought the weather over from Sweden with you, which meant you missed out on watching your first Blues match on Sunday.

Yeah, it was just like it is in Sweden so that made me feel at home! I was sad the game was cancelled, but after speaking to [assistant manager] Paul Green he made me feel better by reminding me that actually when the game is rescheduled in the new year I will be able to play in it. So I'm happy I will be able to play in this important game against City.

Is this your first time in London?

No, I played against Arsenal in the Champions League with Linkopings, but I was so young and I was just in London to play in this game. So I saw the airport, the hotel and the stadium! This is the first time I could be relaxed in London. I went to Harrods – my father said we need to go and see it – and then I went to Oxford Street. We saw all the Christmas lights, it was amazing and really fun to see.

Will you be living in London while you are here?

No, I'm near the training ground and I'm happy about this – I need more time, London is too fast! There were so many people around. It will be nice to spend the day there, but good to be able to come home to Cobham at the end of it.

You join us from Linkopings, where you spent almost nine years. It must have been emotional to leave the club after so long?

It was difficult for me to say goodbye, of course. They had been like my second family and the stadium was like a home. But, at the same time, I thought this was a really interesting challenge for me to take on. Chelsea is a really good club and it was the right way and the right time for me to come here.

Will it help to have a couple of familiar faces here to help you settle in?

Yeah, I played with Magda in Linkopings and Hedvig with the national team and there are other Scandinavian players who understand Swedish, so that will be good for me. They've told me so many good things about the club already and I'm just really looking forward to coming here at the end of the year to start this new adventure.

You mentioned those who speak Swedish being able to help you out, but your English is excellent.

Really? I was so nervous about it! I think I know more than I feel I do and I think it will get better with time. There are some words which are hard to find, it is a difficult language, but it's fun to learn more. I was actually so bad at English in school, almost the lowest grade, so I need to watch movies and TV to learn some small words. I know most of the words we use on the pitch, that's the only thing I really need!


What are you like on and off the pitch?

I am a player with a good left foot and I like to make crosses and be offensive. I like to run a lot and attack, so I hope I can do that here at Chelsea. That's me as a footballer. If you asked me to describe myself in two words I would say I am ambitious, but also relaxed.


You've won a lot of trophies already in your career. How important do you think it is to have that winning mentality?

It's really important. You have to see every game as a final and I like to win every time I am on the pitch. It's a good thing that I bring with me to Chelsea and I hope to win many titles here.


Chelsea Ladies take on Liverpool Ladies at Kingsmeadow on Sunday, kick-off 2pm. Entry is £3 for adults and £1 for juniors and seniors.

Please note, the public bar at Kingsmeadow will be out of use for Sunday’s game due to two private functions.