Conference Call: Should have been a win

There was a huge range of emotions experienced by those watching a gripping London derby on Wednesday night and afterwards, Antonio Conte spoke about the overwhelming one felt by those taking part for Chelsea.

Having initially gone behind in the Premier League visit to Arsenal, we looked to have secured a win with goals scored by Eden Hazard and Marcos Alsono and with the 90 minutes up, but the home side struck an late equaliser and despite one more Chelsea chance before the end and others throughout the game for both sides, the points were shared…

‘It was an exciting game for the people who watch,’ began Conte before adding, ‘less so for us because when you are winning 2-1 and there are two minutes to go, we have to win the game, especially against a great team like Arsenal. A 2-2 draw against Arsenal at Emirates could be a good result but after the game there is a lot of disappointment because we created important chances.

‘For sure I know also in my players there is a lot of disappointment and for sure my feeling is the same as my players. It was a good performance and we played with good intensity, like Arsenal did and it was an exciting game, but at the same time we must be a bit disappointed with the final result because to get three points today was very important.’

Conte was asked for his opinion on the penalty decision which led to Hazard making it 1-1 from the spot…

‘I must be honest, I did not see the penalty and I did not see the dive of Wilshere,’ he responded, ‘because another journalist asked me if I thought it was fair for Wilshere to continue the game after a dive and [what could have been] a second yellow, but I did not see this situation and for this reason I do not want to comment.

‘We must have great respect for the decision of the referee. There is frustration for a coach during a game and after a game but we must try to accept every decision, even if we do not agree with the referee or the linesmen.’

Alonso now has six goals for the season…

‘I ask our wing-backs to fill the box and try to score and don’t forget, he also is good with his head also and with free-kicks. He is in a good period and his confidence is up, and I am very happy for him.’

However, Alvaro Morata was not able to take openings he had against the Gunners…

‘This is not a lucky period for him because at the last game versus Stoke I said it is very important for the striker to have the chance to score, and here today he had chances to score but it is football. I am very happy for his commitment and his effort for the team, this is the most important for me but for the striker it is important to score because then your confidence is up. In this case his confidence can do down but he is very young and he has to continue to work to improve and he will see that the goal is coming.

‘The only things I can tell him are to stay calm and continue to work in this way for the team because then the chances will arrive for him and for the other players. This is the first season he is playing with regularity. He has to stay calm and to continue to play in this way and the goal is coming.’ 


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