Lifting the Lid: Pedro

Pedro is the next player to provide some behind-the-scenes information on his team-mates in the latest instalment of this feature...

The winger reveals the outfielder he reckons would do a decent job in goal, explains why one player in particular sets a good example, and also answers a question from the last player to take part in this questionnaire, Willy Caballero...

Who has been the best player in training lately?

That’s a difficult one because all the players here train at a very good level and have a good mentality to improve. Maybe Marcos Alonso, N’Golo, Azpi and Cesc have been the best.

Of the outfield players, who would also make a good goalkeeper?

Maybe Gary Cahill because he is strong and very tall and he is good in the box.

Of the defenders, who would make the best striker?

David Luiz has very good quality on the ball so maybe him. Rudi would be good for scoring headers.

Who do you sit with on away trips? What do you do to pass the time?

Normally I have my iPad and listen to music or play Parcheesi with Cesc, Marcos and Willy. During the flight I start thinking about the game.

Who is good at lifting morale after a bad result?

You always have a bad feeling when you lose, but it’s important to stay positive with your team-mates and look forward to the next game. Azpi or Cahill, the captains, they normally speak, or David Luiz and Cesc, the players with the most experience in this situation.

Who is the biggest joker in the dressing room?

Rudi, Marcos, David Luiz, one of them! All the players make a very good atmosphere in the dressing room.

Who is the quietest?

N’Golo is very shy!

Who is the loudest?

David Luiz or Olivier.

Who is good at free-kicks in training that we might not know about?

Ross is very good from long distance and shoots very well.

Who is the most active on Instagram?

I think Alvaro Morata for sure!

If you could book any music act to play at Under the Bridge [the venue at Stamford Bridge], who would it be and which players would you try to convince to come with you?

I would take one of the Spanish guys to watch. The music isn’t important, what is important is the company!

Which player should the fans follow on social media?

N’Golo. He is a very good person, he is modest, he is a good example for the kids and other players. In five years he has had a lot of success and won many titles, personal ones and team ones.

Who do you eat lunch with at Cobham?

Normally the Spanish players, Zappacosta too. Sometimes I can be with Gary, Ross and Danny. The relation here is very good with all the players so it is easy to have lunch with anyone.

And the question from Willy Caballero. Who is the best at Parcheesi?

Maybe Caballero! The worst are Marcos and Cesc. They always lose!

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