Conference Call: Pleasing in parts

Maurizio Sarri was pleased with the performance of his side for an hour of today’s 2-2 draw against Manchester United, but he felt we were made to pay for the mistakes we made against strong opponents.

The Blues remain unbeaten this season after Ross Barkley made it 2-2 in the 95th minute, with two Anthony Martial goals having turned the contest on its head following Toni Rudiger’s first-half opener.

According to Sarri, it was a performance with both positives and negatives.

‘At this point of the season one point more or one point less is the same,’ said the Italian.

‘I want to play every game for three points. Today I was happy with the performance for 60 minutes because for 60 minutes we played our football. Then after it was 1-1 we didn’t play our football, only long balls and we didn’t win the second balls. In this type of football United are better.

‘I’ve seen the match from the bench and now I want to study the second part of the match. They have to play my football with character.’

Sarri believes his team cannot afford to make errors against high-quality opposition

‘I think today, like against Arsenal, we played against a very strong team, and if you play against a very strong team and make some mistakes on the pitch it’s clear. Sometimes we’ve made the same mistakes but of course against other opponents it wasn’t clear.’

The Blues boss was asked why he felt we changed the way we were playing after United equalised

‘I don’t want the long ball, and going for second balls, I want to play with short passes. I don’t know. If I knew I would have been able to immediately change the situation. Now I have to study the match. For you a match is 90 minutes, for me it’s around four hours.’

Sarri was also asked to comment on an incident which took place following Barkley’s goal

‘I didn’t see anything on the pitch. After the match I spoke with Jose and immediately I understood we were wrong. I spoke immediately with the member of my staff and I told him to speak with Mourinho and say sorry. Now everything is finished.

‘We made a mistake, we were in the wrong in the situation. I want to speak to him again but I dealt with the situation immediately. Of course I want to speak to him again because I want to make sure he’s able to understand it was a big mistake. I will speak to him again tomorrow.’


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